Supply Chain

To supply consumers with safe, clean label proteins, we offer a fully transparent supply chain from farm to fork. We ensure all accreditations and certifications are provided, and are flexible in terms of specific requests, such as options of organic quality.

Our own in-house market survey amongst food industry leaders found that a transparent supply chain is the most important issue to address today to accommodate the growing demand of food safety and insights from consumers.


Raw Materials

We present Huron Commodities Inc, one of our strategic partners, who provide non-GMO soybeans sustainably grown close to our Canadian production facility with full traceability and continuous quality surveillance. With this kind of farmers partnership, we offer manufacturers a fully integrated and traceable supply chain. These Canadian-grown soybeans utilize the world-leading Canadian Identity Preserved system. This system has Canadian Government oversight, and the oversight throughout the supply chain provides additional comfort regarding the product’s varietal and genetic purity.


Our site in southern Ontario, Canada is ideally situated with many additional benefits:

• Location between Toronto and Detroit offers quick and direct access to two large food production hubs

• Direct access to locally grown soybeans reduces transportation costs and the need for additional storage