Creating safe and affordable plant-based proteins for the food industry.

New Protein Global Inc. has developed a unique proprietary BioPur™ extraction process to produce a wide-range of hexane-free, food-grade soy proteins on a commercial scale.
We offer the next generation in hexane-free soy proteins to today’s well-established and thriving market.

Soy Protein Ingredients Market Evolution


• By the 1920s, soybeans were introduced in the U.S. for farming and thereby gaining importance outside Asia

• In the 1940s, soy flour, the simplest form of soy protein ingredients was developed, extracted by hexane


• In the early 1950s, food-grade soy protein isolates were developed

• Soy protein isolates were produced from hexane-extracted soy flour


• In the 1970s, soy protein concentrates were developed to overcome soy flour deficiencies and lower processing costs of isolates

• In 1975, advances in thermoplastic extrusion technology led to the development of traditional soy concentrate


• In the 1980s, the fourth generation of soy protein ingredients was developed

• Research activities were performed to develop a flavour profile, enhance the range of isoelectric point to increase its scope for other product applications

2020’s & beyond

• New Protein Global manufactures clean-label, hexane-free soy protein products offered worldwide

• The next generation in hexane-free soy proteins are produced to fulfill market demand through a large scale production facility